The Design Aspects Of Passive Houses

By   October 26, 2015

Passive HousesThe real estate industry is starting to see a strong need for passive houses today. This is because more people are starting to see the benefits to be long term when it comes to building new homes that start as passive houses, making them environmentally friendly.

But What Is The Definition Of Passive Houses?

Passive houses are houses that provide its own ventilation system. Passive houses are able to provide their own ventilation system by way of large windows and the use of specialty bricks. The specialty bricks used for building passive houses have air cavities inside them which helps regulate specific temperatures inside the house. These bricks regulate the temp inside the home when the outside temps are too cold or too hot, keeping the inside a comfortable temperature year round.

By builders of passive houses using these unique bricks, homeowners have an amazing advantage to home owners today. This technology has made it possible for us to live in a comfortable year-round temperature without the need of electrical, fuel or gas. This design in passive houses allows homeowners to save money on monthly expenses as well as the repair and replacement of the appliances like air units and furnaces as well as the installation.

Passive houses have also harnessed solar energy in order to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Prior to passive houses being built, there is careful consideration of the coordinates and the location. The designers will fill the south side of passive houses with several large windows so that as much of the sun is absorbed as possible. Then the rest of the passive houses are selected and placed properly so that the homeowner will reap the benefits of the free heat provided by the sun.

Since passive houses have forgone with the traditional furnaces and other types of heating units, they usually have a wood burning stove to help during the most frigid part of winters. Builders of passive houses are also going with installed solar panels and using ground source heat pumps as well.  Passive houses have taken advantage of many suitable options that provide the best results and have less impact on our environment.