The Challenges To Have More Green Building Is Beat With More Green Technology Info

By   July 27, 2015

A few of the characteristics toward implementing concepts and practices of green building are energy savings, more productivity and less waste. These days, mainstream construction is able to focus on concepts and ideas of green building because more green technology info has entered into the mainstream.

Sustainable development analysts are currently noting that there are approximately 500 million SF of green buildings wither in design mode, under development and being implemented. This has brought great success in things like LEED applications for various industries in all sectors.

Widespread Acceptance of Green Building Has Its Challenges

In spite of the increasing acceptance of sustainable building concepts, there is still a big challenge for widespread acceptance and the long-term practice. And regardless of the awareness growing in regards to green products, high performing technology and sustainable practices in design and construction of building, there are many that worry about a lack of accurate, quantifiable and thorough green technology info in regards to the economic and financial impact that high-performance buildings in the construction industry.

Some sustainable development sources say that there is a disconnect between the capital costs and the operating costs for a building owner to know they will get a ROI of 40 percent by going green with their building. However, what is not figured into this is the year-to-year operating budget and that creates a stumbling block that more thorough green technology info could help overcome.

Green Building Design Attributes

According to home builders and land developers that have embraced eco-friendly building concepts have said that the 4 attributes of green building design are enhanced lighting control, enhanced temperature control, increased day-lighting and increased ventilation control have been correlated clearly and significantly with levels of productivity increased.

Several have noted that indoor air quality has been connected to possible health and productivity gains in educational facilities and workplaces as well. This has helped explain that it is the occupants that will receive the biggest advantages of green building, which is where much of the green technology info leaves out when directed at developers and builders.

Additional financial benefits that green buildings offer is more than ten times the typical initial investment that is needed design and then construct a green building. Those who are inside the construction industry say that just the energy savings alone exceed the typical average rise in costs that are associated with green building. But they also note that the benefits and savings are a positive mark in providing a true value for sustainable construction.