Technology That Will Make Any Datacenter Green

By   July 19, 2015

Green TechnologyIndustries across the country are motivated to find green technology that cuts back on their increasing utilities, meets legislation requirements and meets the social responsibilities expected of corporate America. All this while still be able to be productive and maintain business growth.  And the IT industry is not any different.

Regardless the reasons though, experts say that by having a datacenter that is energy efficient will help the environment now and in the future.  Not only will finding green technology help datacenters across the country with all of those goals, it will also save them money.

Companies in the IT industry are expected to be on the cutting edge of computer technology, but what green technology? Experts rate DCIM (datacenter infrastructure management) tools as a cool technology that can assist companies in making their infrastructure energy-efficient as well as green.

DCIM had almost no market penetration as recent as 2009. Today though, it may be one of the most noteworthy areas of green technology when it comes to computing. DCIM has brought asset discovery, datacenter designs that offer standalone functions, capacity planning & energy together with systems management functions. Together, they can provide a complete view of the datacenter from the cabinet or rack level to how the infrastructure is cooled and the best ways to utilize the energy that is consumed.

DCIM Tools Are Helpful

Capacity planning is helped with DCIM tools and it encourages finding more efficient way to use energy and optimize the layout of equipment.  It also supports consolidation and virtualization while improving the availability of the datacenter.  The methods recommended for improving the planning of capacity will reduce not only the amount of hardware used but the cooling cost associated with a datacenter. DCIM tools can provide data-center managers a better insight into their infrastructure’s cooling and power needs which will enable them to plan.

Still yet, there is much investing in DCIM tools by providers just yet. Why? Because the market isn’t showing an interest in what DCIM tools have to offer yet. However, experts are expecting as the world becomes more and more green technology driven, this will change. And then the demand of DCIM tools will grow.

Where More Green Technology Could Help

One of the biggest needs for green technology for the IT industry is finding free air cooling methods. A Datacenter using a large amount of energy keeping equipment cooled, as much as 60% of a company’s energy cost is from the IT structure within it. Other needs that can help are servers with lower-power needs and modular data centers.