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What Do You DO With You Used Inkjet Cartridges?

Recycling Inkjet Cartridges

According to the EPA, in 2010 alone, there more than 2 million tons of electronic devices that reached their end of life and were simply trashed. Each year, there are hundreds, thousands, millions of used ink cartridges disposed of.

The consumption of electronic devices has increased which means the increase in disposing of them has increased as well.  Inkjet cartridges are a by-product of electronic devices and they contain metal, plastics, and toxic materials that are filling up our landfills.

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Do You Know As Much About Recycling As You Think You Do?


Are you an informed consumer when it comes to recycling the most common materials? If you’re like most consumers, you probably pay special attention to many of the materials which can be recycled. But then there are the things that are poorly understood and are difficult to recycle, such as ink cartridges, motor oil, rechargeable batteries, and more.  Here, we’re going look at some everyday things that should be a part of your recycling efforts: Cardboard Food Canisters

Potato chips that come in foil and paper packages may be recyclable. Most likely you are just tossing them in the household trash.

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There Is A Lot Going On In The World Of Green Technology These Days!

Green Technology

In regards to the world going green, believe it or not, green technology is just getting started. There are so many different alternative solutions out there for every aspect of our daily live. It is hard to know which is the best to go with that is effective for your needs. Especially when you realize that some of the things out there that are meant to “save the planet” actually can damage the planet.

So while we have this aspect in mind, you should know that there is recent green technology that is being perfected that can help provide the things we need like energy, power, transportation, and not damage the depleting ozone.

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Solar Powered Gadgets You Don’t Want To Be Without

Solar Powered Gadgets

In the name and for the sake of saving the Earth, the environment and all things that are quickly depleting, including bank accounts, everyone is jumping on board with the green technology thing.

Here are some solar powered gadgets that you aren’t going to want to do without once you read this!

Solar Shingles

No, not solar panels … Solar shingles! Those solar panels that you’re seeing on everyone’s rooftop are bulky and let’s face it, ugly. For the green-minded homeowner that still wants to look good, solar shingles are the answer. These are actually miniature panels that contain photo-voltaic cells and lie flat just like the asphalt shingles you have today. This green technology provides weather protection but they also generate energy.

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