Spring Cleaning For Green Living

By   July 3, 2015

Green LivingWhen spring returns next year, do you spring cleaning in a way that it provides your home a green living way of life. Bring in the colors of spring that spread the joy of life and turn over a new leaf, so-to-speak, and dedicate your everyday actions to be more eco-friendly for the world.

As spring brings happiness and hope, many of us find ourselves deep into the cleaning frenzy that makes or life clean, healthy and ready to go into summer. We have the urge to clean everything in our house from the top, side to side and to the bottom. There are ample products on the shelves at your local store that are made just for that too.   However, many of the spring cleaning methods and products we use are detrimental to your family’s health and the Earth.

To get you home in the best and cleanest manner so that you are living green year round, is to choose your products carefully. Let us take a look at few ways that we can do just that and have a clean, safe spring beginning next year. Without using the products that are potentially dangerous chemicals, you can get the same results by employing green and safe methods and products that won’t be a threat to your family or the environment:

Let The Joy In

Replace those air fresheners you have sitting around your home with just fresh air. Spring air is the freshest of all seasons because winter has kept the house closed up while it blew away the stale air of summer. No matter where you live, city, country, suburb, wherever – you will find that just opening the windows and letting the clean fresh air in will smell wonderful and will minimize the damage to the environment from the CFC content of air fresheners.

Clean Carpets For Green Living

It is tempting to just call a professional carpet cleaner to come get the winter grudge out of your carpets. This spring opt for a different spring cleaning the carpet and simply sprinkle baking powder then brush the broom around on the carpet, let it sit then vacuum as usual. Baking soda will absorb those odors and is a much better green living way of freshening up your carpets.

Green Living Window Cleaning

Replace your usual chemical spray window glass cleaning product with clear water and vinegar. Using 2 teaspoons of white vinegar to one quart of water is safer and will clean your windows just as good as the bottled stuff you buy. Instead of paper towels, use a cloth rag instead that can be washed and reused.

Get Pleasant Odors

By using natural herbs or essential oils, lavender and peppermint are the most popular, you can enjoy a relaxing and refreshing aroma through your home. They are great for the environment and won’t have any health risk that the normal chemically induced air fresheners do.