In the name and for the sake of saving the Earth, the environment and all things that are quickly depleting, including bank accounts, everyone is jumping on board with the green technology thing.

Here are some solar powered gadgets that you aren’t going to want to do without once you read this!

Solar Shingles

No, not solar panels … Solar shingles! Those solar panels that you’re seeing on everyone’s rooftop are bulky and let’s face it, ugly. For the green-minded homeowner that still wants to look good, solar shingles are the answer. These are actually miniature panels that contain photo-voltaic cells and lie flat just like the asphalt shingles you have today. This green technology provides weather protection but they also generate energy.

Solar-Powered Bike Locks

These are futuristic-looking locks for your bike that have a solar panel built-in solar. It works on your Bluetooth sending signals to unlock it. What’s even better – this green technology will alert you if somebody is trying to steal your bike. And just in case you’re in an accident, it will also contact local authorities for help.

WakaWaka Power

This is a solar powered charger for your high-tech smart phone that only needs 12 hours of sunshine for a full charge. Those twelve hours of charging will run 3 MP3 players and 1.3 smartphones as well as one e-reader.

Organic Transit ELF

This “velomobile” is called a “big white egg” by many, but the daringly weird ELF is a cross between a bicycle and a stripped-down electric car. It has 3 wheels and a 1000 watt solar panel up on the roof. With aluminum alloy frame, break lights, headlights, and taillights, it will get you up to 1,800 miles at around 20 mph.

Solar Backpacks

These aren’t the star of any fashion show, but the technology that is packed with these things from solar modules that are thin-film are a must have! The solar modules which are attached to backpack’s exterior provide about four watts of power. You can charge your camera, cell phone, tablet, and more while you’re walking to and from class or the office.

Solar-Powered Tents

Just in time for camping season, you have to get you one of the Glastonbury Music Festival inspired tents. They are created from a concept of powering those mobile devices we can’t live without as well as its own self with 3 banks of photo-voltaic cells. Four people can fit comfortable at night and it will soak up the sun during the day so that it is illuminated at night.