Solar Panels – Do You Need To Weatherproof Them?

By   December 5, 2015

solar powerYou are considering doing an upgrade to your home and install solar power panels. You’ve heard great things about how they can help your cooling bills in the summer and you heating bills in the winter.  But you’re wondering just how durable are they?  The solar power panels in the past weren’t as durable as they are today. Like anything, testing and time will tell and it has.  They are now designed and then tested to withstand the following:

  • Hurricane High Velocity Winds
  • Harsh Sun (that should be obvious)
  • Hail Stones (the testing used pneumatic guns and fired simulated hail stones at 260+ mps)
  • Weight of Utility Vehicles Drove On Them

What is even better about solar power panels own durability is that they actually put another layer of protection on your rooftop making it stronger. Homes that were in the path of Hurricane Sandy that had solar power panels were more often than not found to be the only thing standing versus homes without them.

Okay, So Solar Power Panels Are Durable – What About Weatherproofing?

Even though there was very little damage found on homes with solar power panels from Hurricane Sandy, there are reasons that make a good argument to weatherproof them. In states that are more prone to hurricane, like Florida, home insurance companies require that the installations of solar power panels withstand winds of 150mph. This requires the installers to use additional mounting & racking to secure them.

But what about states that isn’t in a hurricane zone? For the small additional cost to have that additional mounting & racking installed, it may be well worthwhile. If you have solar power panels installed now, in another 5 years or so, you most likely won’t even be giving it a second thought or even remember what you paid. But what you will notice and remember is the 30 plus years your cooling and heating bills were lower while your family stayed comfortable.