Shipping Container Homes – What’s So Great About Them?

By   October 28, 2015

Container HomesOne of the latest trends in housing is container homes. Those are homes that are made from the shipping containers that electronics and many other things come to America. And if you look at one in a shipyard or on a train, your first thought probably would be “Who would live in one of those?!”

Well a lot of people are starting to buy container homes and do you want to know why? They are less expensive to buy. Gone are the days of buying a decent home for your family for $20,000 like back in the 50’s. A modest home today will cos you closer to $200,000, factoring in what part of the country you live in, they may cost more. And back in the 50s, that $20,000 included all your appliances, furniture and taxes. For $200,000 you get a house and that’s it.

Today though, with container homes, that $20,000 is more likely going to happen. Used steel shipping containers that brought merchandise here on big ships and sent across the country by rail are now being made into container homes. And price isn’t the only reason.

Container Homes Are The Newest Trend In Being Enviro-Friendly

There are empty cargo containers that have been just sitting in shipyards doing nothing but rusting out and filling up space. They get sent off to landfills and they take up a lot of space there. So by making container homes from them, we are helping to save the environment.

Since these companies see the containers as more of a nuisance, they are pretty inexpensive to get. The costs vary, but they usually go for around $1,500 which will give you around 350 square feet. So for container homes to be about 3,000 square feet, like the average site-built homes, you’re looking at approximately $80 to $100 per square foot for container homes.

You need to keep in mind if you’re looking at container homes as an option, that pricing is just the frame only. There are still expenses for finishing them out, running electrical and plumbing. The end price for 3000 square foot container homes could be anywhere from $13,000 to $15,000, again, depending on what part of the country you live.

Container Homes Are Being More and More Accepted

Container homes are popular in Asia and the former Soviet Union. Here in American, they are popping up more in the southern part of California. But because container homes are so unique, experts in the building industry are expecting their popularity to spread quickly.