Saving Money While You Shower–Through Green Technology

By   May 5, 2014

Green technology InfoAmericans do it every day, and a significant portion of our water and energy costs are spent on it: showering. The more people you have living in your home, the more it is going to cost. Water is an important resource, as is electricity, and the combination of using them to create hot water for a shower. Now, being clean is good, but aiming toward a cleaner earth is also good. So take a minute to consider these ways which might help you to run a more efficient bathroom. This will save the earth and also save you some money at the same time!

Eco Drain

Sure, we have probably all begun taking shorter showers in order to conserve water as well as the energy required to heat the water. However, have you considered that the water coming off of your body and going down the drain might actually contain a usable resource? That’s right. It’s still hot! While the new water coming into the shower is cold water that had to be heated up. Eco Drain was created by a Canadian company and is made up of heat exchangers which help to reclaim the heat that is literally going down the drain. These heat exchange channels use the heat from the water headed down into the sewer to heat new, cold water, so that it can go up into the shower and be used. The company claims that it can save from 20% up to 70% of the use of the hot water heater. These can be installed horizontally for convenience and cost under $500. It’s a giant cycle that may create lower energy bills and save the earth, just one little shower at a time.

Shower Heads

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has made an effort to label shower heads with the Water Sense label in order to promote them as water-efficient. Retrofitting a shower head is a fairly simple procedure and a rather affordable way to start saving money. While traditional shower-heads use around 2 ½ gallons of water per minute, water-savers drop it down to 2.0 gallons per minute. That may not seem like a lot. But in a four person household, that is almost 3,000 gallons of water saved per year! Of course, there are also Water Sense labels on other products such as toilets, faucets, and accessories which will save water.


Though not quite on the market yet (it is in final prototype stages), the patent pending Aqualim was created by an Australian with two teenaged daughters. Better than just a timer set for the shower (which, incidentally, might be hard to hear) the Aqualim gives each person a set amount of water which can be sued for the shower—fast or slow. This is typically measured out at about 11 gallons of water and the flow is put back to a dribble. You may choose to finish your shower, of course, but the energy conscious family will be reminded that it is time to be finished and will surely be responsible.

Look for these and other ways to save money with something you do every day—showering.