Recycled Building Materials For House Building – We Found 4 More!

By   July 5, 2015

Recycled Building MaterialsWe have covered 6 different recycled building materials here for building your home or office. They are up to meeting the strong push for energy-efficient construction, but they are still expensive. This makes them almost prohibitive for a business owner or somebody buying a new home. However, if you will look into the future, you’ll see that they will more than pay for themselves in a few short years, making your money back and then some.

We have found 10 more recycled building materials that are being used today and recommend that if building a structure is in your near future, give them some serious considerations.

Recycled Wood/Plastic Composite Lumber

Do you recycle plastic bags? How many times do you see them stuck in a tree or rolling with the wind down the street? Where you may not have seen them is in your new deck or on the neighborhood playground.

The National Association of Home Builders tells us that recycled plastic bags are one of the durable materials when combined 50-50 with wood fibers. Even better, it is less toxic than the treated lumber that is usually used. It is resistant to mold, doesn’t rot and is more rigid in colder areas while still pliable in the warmer climates.

Low-E Windows
The “E” in low-E doesn’t stand for efficiency, although it is. It actually stands for emissivity which is a clear coat of metallic oxide that when applied to windows will keep the heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer.

It is normally applied to external storm windows where there aren’t double-pane windows. This technology is available in hard coatings that is used for the exterior and in soft coatings that are used to go between layers of glass.

Each low-E window can cost as much as $110 each which is up to 15 percent more than standard clear glass storm windows, but the benefits can’t be matched. The low-E windows will reduce heat flowing through the glass by 50 percent and will reduce your heating costs up to 20 percent

Vacuum Insulation Panel
This is one of the recycled building materials that will get you up to 7 times protection of insulation from a 1-inch panel of VIP (vacuum insulation panel) versus the traditional products used in the construction industry. When you first see it, you’d think it was something out of a NASA film. The textured silver rectangle comes in various sizes, but it is fragile and has to be encased in a protective covering. At this time, you can only find this material in the commercial industrial refrigeration industry and specialized container systems.