Recycle These 6 Things For Cash!

By   September 24, 2015

RecycleYou already know that recycling is great for Earth and the environment. It not only saves our natural resources, but makes the world a cleaner place to live. There are programs to recycle many different things like glass, metals, paper and plastics. But did you know there are some things you can take to a recycle facility for cash? Take a look at this list:

Your Trash
Believe it or not, TerraCycle is a company that buys trash from schools or non-profit groups.  The company donates money to the organization for any trash that is sent to them. They buy anything including the empty plastic ring from your scotch tape roll to the wrappers from energy bar wrappers and more. We aren’t exactly sure what they are recycling out of all this trash, but they pay the shipping too!

Wine Corks
Cork is a material that is used in many ways and while you may not get rich recycling them, you may get enough to buy your next bottle. Who buys them? Well there are a few different places, eBay being one of them. People who do crafts and there are businesses and other people who utilize old corks and they want to pay for yours! Your best bet is to save up a bunch and sell them in bulk.  Yemm & Hart Green Materials, a leading cork recycler will buy them in 10 pound bags. They will not buy plastic or synthetic corks.

Gift Cards
Who has never received a gift card these days for birthdays or holidays? And how many do you get that aren’t to any place you’ll ever eat, shop or visit? No need to just stick them in a drawer and forget about them anymore. Gift Card Rescue will buy them from you for pennies on the dollar value. Maybe you won’t get $25 for that gift card you got, but a few dollars by check is better than letting it go to waste! And for the gift cards you have used or expired gas cards, grocery store cards – recycle that little bit of plastic.

Cooking Oil
Yes there are biodiesel firms, individuals and recycling centers that will buy your leftover cooking oil. Surf Craigslist and you ca find several places have a steady ad posted where they are soliciting oil, especially in the winter. There are people that will use that oil to heat their home and they are willing to pay prime pay prices

Tennis Balls
Every year, there are millions of tennis balls manufactured and the rubber they are made from isn’t biodegradable. This has created more than 20,000 metric tons of waste. Rebounces is a company that will pay for your old tennis balls. They have invented a machine that actually “re-bounces” old tennis balls. They won’t buy tennis balls that are missing felt or have been wet and they only buy in bulk of 100 to 250 balls.

Human Hair
You can always grow your hair out really long and donate it to organizations that make wigs for terminally ill people But there is also a market out there that is paying high price for human hair too. Hair that is left all natural, never been bleached is the highest paid hair. Surf the internet and you’ll find list after list of hair extension companies, heirloom hair weavers and wig makers that are willing to pay big bucks and recycle your old hair into a product they can sell.