Plastic Roadways on The Way? Environmental Technology at Work!

By   January 18, 2016

Environmental TechnologyAre you tired of dodging pot holes on every street? Seems like no matter what city, town or state you’re in here in America, they are riddled with pot holes. Well there is a Dutch company that is working with new environmental technology to build roads from recycled plastic.  They claim that this revolutionary idea of plastic roads will be made from offer several advantages for drivers all around the globe.

The company says this new environmental technology they are using will be from 100% recycled materials according to the company. Let’s just think for a moment how much it will help the environment keeping that much plastic out of the waste system if in fact, plastic -based roads can be created, designed and used!

These will be premanufactured sections built in a factory, then shipped to the needed site and installed. This means that roads will be built quicker and can be installed over any surface, regardless how poor the soil is.

What about Running Utilities across the Roads?

These modular units will be designed to have chases were electricity and other utilities can be ran as needed.  The end product of this premanufactured system and its components are expected to be made of better quality and they are lighter weight, all of which will make for better roadways. It is expected that this environmental technology process will be more durable and thus last longer than conventional paving, because plastic is more resistant to temperatures than the materials used today.

This environmental technology is creating road ways that will be almost maintenance free and have three times the life expectancy of the asphalt and cement roads today. They will be resistant to chemical spills and corrosion as well as the weather. By making roadways from materials that won’t be damaged and leave potholes behind will be one big advantage that cities, towns and states can benefit from.

This modular panel system of building roads will also cut back on road construction that blocks and bottlenecks traffic all across America. Just having fewer cars idling in traffic as they wait for the road crew to wave them on will save on fuel.  And the possibility of combining other interesting environmental technology such as solar roadways along with the construction of modular plastic roads is even more exciting.

Imagine a day that you will drive to work on a smooth road. No potholes. No more spilled coffee.