The search for energy efficient appliances – looking for the right labels

By   March 20, 2014

The search for energy efficient appliances If you are building a new home, remodeling your existing home or you are in the market for new home appliances, you need to know the two key labels to look for when shopping for energy efficient appliances.  Energy conservation is essential if we want to decrease the amount of fossil fuels we burn to power our lives.  The appliances in most homes run on electricity but less than 15% of that electricity is generated by renewable energy sources.  By and large, the electricity used to power your home appliances is generated by the use of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal. Burning fossil fuels contributes to air pollution and climate change.  That is all without taking into consideration that some of our electricity is generated by nuclear power, which has its own set of unique problems with safety issues and proper disposal of nuclear waste.

You can help reduce the amount of energy that we use and thereby make our entire planet safer and healthier for the next generation by investing in energy efficient home appliances.  The best way to do this is to know what labels to look for and how to read those labels to make sure you are getting the best energy efficient appliance for your home. Continue reading »

The Evolution of Green Technology

By   March 8, 2014

The Evolution of Green TechnologyAs the understanding of the impact of humans on the earth’s limited natural resources continues to develop, green technology strives to answer questions about how we can respond in a responsible manner. Green technology, or sustainable technology, is simply the practical application of taking what we know and using it to bring innovation for what we want to see in the future.

“Green” History

Even over the last few decades, our awareness of the ways in which human population growth, use of natural resources, and carbon footprint has spurred technological developments. But the story of environmentally sound innovations has been telling itself for over a century. As far back as the late 1800s, innovators were creating and putting into use windmills for irrigation in the prairies, solar panels for water heating in California, and electric cars–specifically taxi cabs–in New York City.  Continue reading »

Jobs in Green Technology

By   March 8, 2014

Jobs in Green TechnologyUnlike computer technology or Information Technology (IT) which has been growing exponentially in development, Green Technology is actually based upon materials science. With the purpose of reducing the green house effect and global warming, environmental technology has much of its backing and research related to simple earth science.

Green technology answers questions of how things grow, what impact they have on the earth, how natural resources can be turned into fuel, and how certain resources can be reused (hopefully again and again) to reduce waste and pollution. Scientists working in the field of Green Technology study and research various topics such as energy efficiency, the environment, sustainability, conservation, recycling, and re-purposing. Continue reading »