Electric Cars Developing in Green Technology

By   April 11, 2014

Green technologyWhile the development of electric or hybrid (electric and fuel combined) cars has been continually progressing, there have still been many bumps in the road. Slow charging, bulky batteries, batteries that don’t last and are expensive to replace, and costly repairs are just a few of the difficulties that are faced by the owners (and manufacturers) of electric vehicles. However, as green technology continues to advance to make cars run cleaner and more efficiently, there is progress continuing to be made on electric cars. Continue reading »

Down-cycling Materials

By   April 11, 2014

Green TechnologyAs the world’s population continues to multiply at an incredible fast rate, the problem of waste and carbon footprints from humans becomes a larger and larger problem. The efforts of engineers, scientists, and green technologists are making have developed and progressed through various avenues such as recycling, renewable energy, regenerative design, and down-cycling. While the term up-cycling has often been use in the arts to signify using an item or product to create something new or better from waste or un-usable products, the term down-cycling is just the opposite: reusing materials to make products which are lesser. Continue reading »

Green Purchasing

By   April 5, 2014

Green technologyPart of the idea of green technology consists of using sustainable or renewable resources which are less harmful and leave less of a negative impact on the environment. In a effort to do so, many green companies are placing stringent standards on the which products and materials they will purchase and from whom. This type of business practice is referred to as Green Purchasing. This can also be practiced on a smaller, but still impact full way on an individual and family level. Continue reading »