Green technology: the survival of the human species

By   December 18, 2014

Green technologyToday, about 5 millions American families have chosen the 100% GREEN and economical technology. With the support of modern science, the environment-conscious customers have access to a source of natural energy. By 2015, producers will commit to double their investments in renewable energy, so that 10 millions can enjoy this ecological solution. Green energy comes from sources that respect the environment. The renewable energy sources from which green energy is produced have 3 qualities: Continue reading »

Saving Money While You Shower–Through Green Technology

By   May 5, 2014

Green technology InfoAmericans do it every day, and a significant portion of our water and energy costs are spent on it: showering. The more people you have living in your home, the more it is going to cost. Water is an important resource, as is electricity, and the combination of using them to create hot water for a shower. Now, being clean is good, but aiming toward a cleaner earth is also good. So take a minute to consider these ways which might help you to run a more efficient bathroom. This will save the earth and also save you some money at the same time! Continue reading »

Saving Money and Energy on Computers

By   May 3, 2014

Green technologyGreen Technology means using technology to live in a way which is better for the earth and the people of the future. While computers are definitely technology, they are certainly not always green. In fact, computers use up a great deal of energy and are not always recycled which means that they often end up in landfills. While in this day and age, humans can hardly live without computers, there are ways that we can use them in a more sustainable and green manner. Continue reading »