Is Your Outdoor Lighting Ready For Winter?

By   November 2, 2016

Most of the United States is getting as much outdoor time as they can before Old Man Winter comes barging in. Unfortunately, we need to be using these last few days of good weather to prepare for those cold days and nights.

Ice, rain, snow, and the wind affect not only our body and energy bills but our outdoor lighting system too. And we aren’t talking about just the annual holiday lights that you put up. The lights that need your attention now is the landscape lighting  that you have around your home. This is the lighting that will be covered in ice or buried in snow for a few months.

LED Lighting In The Winter

You already know that LED lighting is the most energy-efficient way to light up your home’s indoor. Did you know that the frigid temperatures of winter actually actually promote the performance of them and extends their life?

Like any lighting you’ve ever had for your home’s outdoor lighting, LEDS are built to withstand the elements, probably even better. However, they need some maintenance and TLC throughout the year so that you can get the most out of them. Here are 6 tips that we believe you’ll find helpful in getting more out of your home’s outdoor LED lighting:

Clean the Lenses

Hard water from rain and sprinkler systems can leave water deposits on your LED lighting. To get the most performance from them, clean them one to two times a year.

Exposed Cables

Cabling can work its way out of the ground over time, especially in an area where there is high traffic. Make sure the cabling that runs your outdoor LED lighting is buried properly before that first freeze hits.

Falling Leaves

Autumn is a beautiful, colorful time of year and its calling card is fallen leaves. They will get packed up around and inside the recessed areas of your outdoor LED lighting. This not only takes away from the performance but even with low-heat of LED lighting, it is a fire hazard.

Lighting Fixture Adjustment

You mow your lawn and trim the hedges, but what about the trees? A tree grows a lot slower, so we don’t always realize what it is blocking, such as the outdoor LED lighting.  Once a year takes a look at the lighting and your trees and makes the adjustments needed. Like backing the hanger bolts out and re-secure any loose wires you find.

Bulb Burnout Replacements

LED lighting lasts for a long time, but they do burn out eventually.

Plant Growth

Just like trees, plants grow and are often fighting for space and they can overtake your outdoor LED lighting. Keep back any foliage that is around the light fixtures so they provide you unobstructed lighting.