Office Equipment Recycling – Should Your Office Start?

By   August 3, 2015

Office Equipment RecyclingEvery office workplace has some if not all of these items:

  • Copiers
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Phones
  • Printers
  • Scanners

And this makes them great candidates for office equipment recycling! While each of these things serves a purpose for the day-to-day operations, once they stop working or aren’t used any longer because they are obsolete, they often just sit in a closet. Or worse, get tossed into the dumpster and you know where they go from there.

There are several businesses, especially the larger corporations that are following the office equipment recycling trends today. The purpose of this doesn’t matter if the electronic equipment is faulty, old or not the latest technology. There is something from every piece of office equipment that can be recycled today and leave less-footprint on Earth for future generations.

Office Equipment Recycling Keeps The Dumps Safer

When office electronics are thrown in the trash and sent to the dump, they have contents that can cause damage to the air and ground, which can affect the water system over time. They often contain material and matters that are poisonous like arsenic, lead or mercury, all of which are highly toxic.  Office equipment recycling is absolutely the best and safest way rid to avoid this problem next to donating them to an organization.

Donating old office equipment often helps non-profit organizations raise money. If they are still useable, they can often put them to work for their administrative needs as well. But if an item is obsolete, refills can’t be found or the item can ‘t be repaired within budget reason, office equipment recycling is the way to go.

Experience In Dismantling

As the person who uses the office equipment for its intended purpose, you may not realize just how much more can be done with it after you’ve finished. There are recycling companies that have the equipment, experience and knowledge on dismantling and striping the various parts to reuse elsewhere, much like a junk yard of old cars and trucks. In fact, the different parts that come from old devices have parts that are extracted and used as raw materials to build other products. This is one of the best forms of office equipment recycling around.

And what makes this even better is that in years before, recycling was an expensive process no matter what the material was that you were recycling. Today, the cost of office equipment recycling is very affordable and as such, it has become more popular and wider stream than ever before.