Natural Materials That Are Plentiful To Use

By   August 12, 2015

Natural MaterialsWhen you speak of natural materials, construction is one of the first things you think of today.  Natural building is using natural materials that come from recycled or renewable resources with a focus on sustainability. Using natural materials for natural building creates environmentally-friendly buildings wand we don’t have to sacrifice comfort, health or looks.

Some of the natural materials used in building today are:

  • Bamboo
  • Clay
  • Rock
  • Sand
  • Straw
  • Water
  • Wood

Some of the recycled and reusable materials we can use in building today are:

  • Discarded bottles
  • Glass
  • Tires

And the materials we should avoid are:

  • Harvest wood that is unsustainability
  • Plastics
  • PVC
  • Toxic preservatives

The natural materials that are best for green building aren’t the only important part of being eco-friendly and living green. It is also essential that we look at the techniques we use as well. We can use natural materials of dirt, sand and water to create adobe and mud bricks for building materials and today, we have techniques that make them more durable. Like using the technique of adding straw to provide strength to a structure and make it easier to shape the walls.

Using natural materials to create Adobe buildings reduces maintenance too by way of protecting the walls with a special foundation and overhanging eaves. However, the insulation of Adobe buildings is poor and cold and heat escape, making them impractical for areas with harsh winters or hot summers. By doubling the walls, the Adobe building can be insulated better.

Another natural material used for notable building is the use of cob which is a combination of clay, sand and straw. This is a combination of natural materials making it flexible and very shapeable. Cob buildings are one of the cheapest to build and were popular in England up until after World War I. There is still several standing today in England and there were multi story buildings made of this natural material in Middle East countries.

Another natural material for construction is Cordwood, short lengths of debarked tree. Walls can be built from these pieces when mixed with cob or masonry. Cordwood also serves as a decoration and has a low temperature fluctuation.