More Businesses Are Investing In Green Technology, But Why?

By   June 21, 2015

Green TechnologyInevitably, when you talk of about going green, global warming will come up too. The two subjects are partners. The peril of climate change has driven several inventors to find solutions that will improve the weather’s coming changes, some with the possibility of being drastic.

But, if one invests in green technology, are they admitting that there is a grave climate problem? This is something that most people aren’t willing to do yet. As such, the sub-consciousness does not allow us to make that investment in green technology. It is a way to deny that there is an issue of climate change.

However, we are finding that there are just as many business people that are making that switch to green technology for their business for two reasons:

  1. It deals with the weather problem
  2. It is good thing for the bottom line

Robert Turp, a writer, wrote an article that was published in NuWire Investor, that defined green technology as “business equipment that’s been specifically produced with the aim of reducing an enterprise’s carbon footprint.” He went on to lay out three important reasons that are driving businesses to investing in the controversial matter of green technology.

  1. Cost-Effective

According to Turp’s article, the purpose of green technology is to reduce the energy use for a company. And there are many benefits to reducing energy usage, which totally make sense from a business perspective while being good for the environment. The most apparent one is overhead reduction, something that owners are always seeking. When green tech machines are installed, it waste a lot less energy and according to Turp, “…  these green products can prove so effective that many businesses claim investing in eco-friendly technology pays for itself in under a year. ”

  1. Environmentally Good

Having your establishment run efficient is probably one of the most important factors for businesspeople. It minimizes costs while maximizing profits. Now that green technology has caught up to business speeds in many ways with enough gadgets that will match or improve a business’ efficiency with their traditional energy-producing tools. The benefits to the environment are still not at the forefront of business owners minds, but they can’t ignore the fact that “Animal and plant species are facing mass extinction on an unprecedented scale, and the impact of climate change is being felt across the world, from droughts in California to flooding across the UK” Turp wrote. Carbon footprints can be reduced while business is improved with green technology is a win-win for business owners.

  1. Good for Branding

Turp went on to say “Consumers are all too aware of the issue of climate change. As a result, they want to see companies taking the problem as seriously as they do, and research has shown that they demonstrate this preference through purchasing.”  In other words, when companies show understanding about their customer’s concerns things like the climate change, when they implement green practices and green technology, it produces positive feelings towards their brand.