Make This 4th Of July A Green Living Holiday

By   July 4, 2015

Green LivingAfter Memorial Day, the Fourth of July is the next summer holiday and it is the favorite of all holidays for most people. They plan their vacations around it and make trips to the beaches, lakes and off to family reunion. Some say it is the beginning of summer others see it as a half-way point, but either way there are barbecues to be had with fireworks and parades.  With all this going on, who want to think about green living, right?

Well we need to, but we don’t have to let it hamper our fun. A few tips here that will help you enjoy the holiday without putting any more strain on the Earth:

  1. Green Living And The Grill

Americans love grilling on the 4th of July but research has found that the compounds in charcoal are cancer causing when a high heat is used to cook the fish, meat and poultry. Don’t worry, you can still grill just cook at lower temperatures and flip the food frequently or leave it on the grill longer than needed. There are green accessories you can use while grilling too.

  1.  Safer Sunscreen

You definitely do not want to be out in the sun without sunscreen and there are many sunscreens on the market today, and they are not the same. Look for a non-toxic sunscreen and avoid the spray on type is possible. You can still get that sun glow with green living with the several non-toxic, safe sunscreens that work as well and won’t leave that white film behind.

  1. Bug Repellent

The next must-have after sunscreen is a bug repellent. While they work great, if we apply DEET bug repellents too heavy, the can be toxic and dangerous when left on too long.  Today, there are DEET free bug repellents out there and you can place certain plants around your landscaping that repel bugs naturally and practice green living bug free!

  1. Reuse Instead of Dispose

On the average, according to the EPA, American produce just over 4 pounds of trash each day, almost 30 pounds a week and over 1,500 pounds a year. That’s just the average. Throw in a BBQ cook out and the amount of paper plastic ware and products are added to those numbers. This year, find reuseable cups, plates and utensils instead?

  1. Recycle!

Have you ever looked around after a cook out and notice the amount of bottles and cans being used? They all end up in the trash, if not just left lying around that is. Set up recycle station at your cook out this year for bottles and cans and ask everyone to utilize them.