Just How Important Is Wind Power?

By   October 29, 2015

Wind PowerHow important is wind power? Well first of all – it is free! One major thing to remember when establishing a source of wind power, it needs to be where it can get ample wind to create power, thus it will be able to supply energy for a lifetime. Wind power can supply an entire neighborhood, including businesses by way of a turbine grid being set up.

Wind power is an important resource because of the versatility it provides us. Dependent upon the demand of power in an area, there are large-scale and small-scale turbines, creating the choice of how much wind power is going to be returned to the grid to continuing supplying energy.

The Construction Of Wind Turbines

In the first stage of erecting wind turbines, the output of power is unknown. So prior to constructing the turbines, wind speed studies are implemented and the data collected is used to project the long- term needs and use of the wind power that will be created.

As logic would stand, when there is an increase in wind speed, there is an increase in the production of energy created. It is important to know that the variations in wind speed to reason the anticipated production of the wind power. It is also important to know the area to be powered by wind as well.

So when we look at an increase of wind energy from 6 m/s to 10 m/s, this can mean that at 6 m/s the production of energy was sixty-seven percent. However, a small increase to ten m/s gives us a 134 percent increase. The amount of energy the wind power produces and adds to the power grid is great.

On smaller scales such as farms and small manufacturing plants, wind power is important because it can save money. It allows them to provide their own energy. And even though there will be a variance in wind speed at these types of locations. And the energy that is created can be used for powering smaller vehicles as well which allows the company to be self-sufficient by powering their company vehicles.

Wind power is important to all of us because it is a renewable resource that will be used forever. As long as we will have wind, there is no end in sight for this clean form of energy and there are not any harmful emissions nor pollutants to enter the atmosphere either.