Just How “Green” Is Your Lawn?

By   June 27, 2015

Green LawnYour lawn may look green, but most likely it isn’t. If you have used any chemicals on your lawn recently, you’ve taken the “green” of it. All that may have fed the grass and rid the weeds, but the rain and watering washed those chemicals into local lakes, rivers and streams. This harms fish, plants and other living things while it was going by.

Before you get into your usual summer yard work, take a look at these tips to not only make your grass green, but make it “green” and safe:

Less Water

A lot of the country has had a tremendous amount of rain and yet, we still need to be conservative. Simply because it rained, doesn’t mean the drinking water is up to capacity yet. Conserve the water you use on your landscaping and lawn with these tips:

Have you given any thought to a grass free yard? There are several alternatives you can use for ground cover that will need little to no mowing and little water. Your local nursery can advise you on which is best for the area you live in. Some of the most popular are Alyssum, Sweet Woodruff, Thyme and Yarrow.

Go Deep With The water so you can water more infrequent. Your grass will do better when the complete root zone is wet and is allowed to dry out. You also will minimize the chance of disease when you aren’t overwatering. Early morning is the best time to water. The cooler temps will minimize the evaporation.

Keep a check on your automatic sprinkler system and adjust sprinklers so they are only watering your lawn and not the house or sidewalk.

Collect rainwater for your watering your garden. There are some cities that are starting to ban this, so make sure what the law is in your area, but by collecting the rain in a barrel from the direct downspouts and gutters, you can water your garden, shrubs and trees.


You gas lawn mower contributes just as much air pollution as your car in one hour. It may be time to upgrade you mower and get one of the alternatives today that are more conventional.

Hand pushed rotary mowers are “old fashioned” but they won’t pollute the air and think of it as exercise.

 If push mowing isn’t for you, look at electric mowers. They emit far less pollutants than the gas motor mowers and are quieter.

Look Around and Stay Tuned Here

We’ll be coming back with more seasonal tips on how to maintain your garden and lawn while being environmentally responsible.