It’s The Small Things We All Do That Make the Biggest Impact on Sustainability

By   January 17, 2016

Green technologyNo matter where you live or the size of house you live in, there are small things you can do to save energy and live a more energy efficient lifestyle. Even from the smallest suburban home to the tallest building in a bustling busy city, taking green steps are the same everywhere. Here are a few we know of right off and you can probably think of other as you go along.

Energy-Saving Changes:

  • Have a home energy audit done and find out where the leaks are that you need to seal up
  • As you replace your appliances, get the most energy efficient ones you can
  • Replace the lighting in all the rooms with energy efficient bulbs like CFL & LED
  • Replace your current thermostat with a programmable model and take the time to learn how to program it
  • Set your computer to ‘hibernate’ when not use will save more energy than you realize
  • Replace the multi-light settings with dimmer switches

Heating and Cooling Changes:

  • During the winter, cover AC units
  • Add insulation to the attic, including the garage ceiling and any overhangs
  • If you’re considering new windows, go with energy efficient windows like the Low E glass windows
  • If you’re replacing the doors, too go with an energy efficient insulated model

Changes In The Kitchen:

  • Use cleaners that are phosphate-free and come in recycled or recyclable packaging
  • Cook from scratch using fresh, organic foods that are from local farmers
  • Use the scraps for compost

Go Green In The Garden:

  • If you don’t have a garden yet, build a raised one using recycled materials then grow your own assortment of fruits, herbs, and vegetables
  • Rake and compost the leaves along with food scraps and any organic matter


  • Take the time to remove yourself from mailing list and eliminate as much junk mail as you can.
  • If you’re looking at replacing carpet, go with sustainable bamboo flooring
  • Set up a recycling area in your
  • Be responsible when disposing toxic chemicals & waste
  • If you can’t afford to replace your toilet with low-flush one, fill a soda bottle with marbles and place it in the tank
  • Take plastic grocery bags back to the store to be recycled and use cloth ones when you can