It Is Time To End Your Relationship With Plastic And Go Green.

By   September 17, 2015

Go GreenOkay, so maybe you aren’t quite ready to totally go green and call it off with plastic, but if you can cut back on some of your uses of plastic, it can make a world of difference for the world. The more you recycle plastics, the less that gets in the ecosystem, landfills and waterways, but only so many types of plastics are recyclable. And what’s more, what is recycled takes more energy and more water that actually makes it questionable if it is worthwhile in some city governments.

So plastic surrounds us every minute of every day. How can we cut back? Here are a few suggestions:

Cloth Shopping Bags

Those plastic bags you get your groceries in can be extremely useful, nobody questions that. But did you know that 1 billion to 5 trillion are used each year and are one of the most permeating forms of garbage we have today.  So go green and bring a cloth or reuse the plastic bags you have. Some cities are making it mandatory even.

Quit With The Bottled Water

Buy refillable bottles and use the tap water that’s available just about anywhere you go today. If there isn’t some sort of water contamination in progress, don’t use plastic bottles of water. A simple way to go green.

Bring Your Own Coffee Mug and Thermos

If you just have to have that expensive coffee shop coffee in the mornings, bring your own mug or thermos instead of using the paper and plastic cups they have. You can go green here and reduce your footprint by leaving the plastic stuff there. Don’t forget all the little plastic things you use there like the lids and the stirrers.

Change From Bags and Plastic to Cardboard

Cardboard is easier to be recycled in comparison to plastic. Cardboard is a paper by-product and paper is often biodegrade and doesn’t add much weight to the packaging process. Go green and buy your pasta and rice in boxes not plastic bags. Buy your detergent in boxes instead of plastic bottles.

Skip The Straws

When the waitperson asks if you need a straw, say no.  Do you really need a straw? Think about it and then go green and say no thank you!

Dispose of The Disposable Razor

Go green and change over to the razors you replace the blades instead of using the disposable plastic razors that you toss in the trash after using it.

Food Storage

Instead of using plastic sandwich bags and plastic wrap, go green and take your lunch in reusable containers.