Is Your Company Wasting Energy? Maybe It’s Time To Go Green!

By   January 27, 2016

go greenMore and more people around the world are realizing and understanding that the natural resources in the world are not endless. We are also starting to realize just how much we waste these natural resources like fuel and water and we’re trying to find more ways to go green. But one resource that more of us need to realize the waste is energy, especially in the workplace.

For the business that is trying to cut back on expenses, the energy use is one of the biggest expenses. And if you can go green in more areas, you’ll save money while saving the planet too. Here are some areas that you may want to take a look at:

The Cooling and Heating: If you answer yes to any of these, look for ways to go green and save some green too!

  1. Is your building so cool, that there are employees using space heaters?
  2. Are there doors or windows being propped open to balance the over-cooling?
  3. Is the thermostat left “as is” at the end of the day, leaving the system to cool or heat an empty space?
  4. Are the air filters changed every month?
  5. Is there furniture blocking the air flow or vents covered up with paper?
  6. Is there damaged or torn insulation, allowing leaks of cool or warm air?

The Lighting: To go green with lighting in the office is one of the easiest, least expensive things to do!

  1. Do you have manual lit areas where natural lighting would work just as well?
  2. Are there lights left on at the end of the day?
  3. Are you still using standard light bulbs instead of upgrading to the CFL or LED style?

The Office Equipment: No matter how you answer these questions, as you upgrade your equipment, there are models of everything that will help you go green with very little expense.

  1. Are the computers, copiers, fax machines, printers, and other equipment left on after hours?
  2. Is the hibernation mode in effect on employee’s computers to rest after 20 minutes of being inactive?
  3. Do you have energy saving power strips in place?

The Water Usage: The first 2 things listed here can be fixed easily, the next 2 will take some financial investment but they are money savers in the long run that make it worthwhile to go green!

  1. Is the automatic irrigation system set to shut off when raining or set for the best time of the day to water?
  2. Are the sprinklers watering the parking lot, sidewalk and street?
  3. Do you still have the old style 5 gallon per flush toilets?
  4. Do you still have the knob style faucets instead of the new sensor style?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re not alone. There are several businesses that are making these same mistakes. Maybe it is a lack of knowledge or it simply pure apathy.  If you’re the business owner or maintenance manager, take the steps needed to fix these things. If you’re an employee, but the one to put suggestions out there to go green that will make the difference.