Install A Green Roof And Save Money

By   July 5, 2015

Green RoofYes, we know the initial cost to install a green roof is going to be expensive. But do you have any idea how much it will save you down the road later? Do you have any idea what it is saving the environment?

Okay, so other roofing methods are a lot less expensive and serve a purpose well.

But if you could sustain living vegetation and simultaneously protect your house from Mother Nature’s elements while saving you money, wouldn’t you rather do that? A green roof offers so many benefits for just a little bit more investment.

That Summer Electric Bill

You will cut your electric bill with a green roof and not because the plants and other vegetation can create energy, but they provide a natural layer of insulation. The plants and vegetation will absorb those sun rays and then your AC doesn’t have to work as hard. So they are providing insulation that will keep the cool inside during the summer and keep the harsh UV rays out.

More Money Saved

The other aspect of money-saving a green roof provides will probably surprise you. The traditional roofing materials eventually deteriorate and have to be repaired or replaced. While a green roof may deteriorate too, it is slower to deteriorate.

A green roof will save money by handling the water run-off from rains too. Homeowners often take great efforts to install a drainage system for their traditional roof, but that can often cause more damage with erosion around the foundation, not to mention what it does to the landscaping. However a green roof will absorb a large amount of that rain and minimize that damage.

If you are looking at installing a green roof and hesitate because of the expense, think about the benefits you’ll receive in the long run. That extra money you spend up front will save you more in the future than you probably can realize right now. Experts are expecting to see some government involvement with green roofs in the future too like incentives and tax breaks.