In Denmark, You Don’t Just Piss Your Beer Away!

By   February 4, 2016

beer festivalIn one of the oddest ways to go green, this past summer at Denmark’s Roskilde Beer Festival, over 100,000 attendees had an opportunity to make their own beer! And while it may seem well, gross, it is an interesting concept in recycling.

The organizers of the beer festival teamed up with the Danish Agriculture & Food Council and together, they gathered hundreds and thousands of liters of pee from visitors at the festival. Their plan is to fertilize the building block-barley of beer.

It wasn’t a new discovery that every year, the local environment is weighted down by the mass numbers of visitors to this beer festival. Not to mention what it does to the sewage system and treatment plant for the small town. As any town’s officials are doing, the DAFC wanted to alleviate, or at least ease that impact. What better way to do that by recycling instead of treating that waste created by all these visitors going to the potty?

This beer cycling is really taking ‘thinking outside of the box’, or perhaps “thinking outside the port-a-john’. Across the beer festival grounds, as visitors enjoyed the activities and their beer, they were asked to use appointed troughs for men and ‘she-wees’ for women where they could “donate” their urine.  The collected urine is being transferred to some local farmers that will use it for fertilizing their barley fields.

From the barley fields to the beer manufacturing plant, this is a program that not only helps the water table locally, but encourages the beer festival visitors to use the urinals instead of peeing elsewhere, like on the lawns.