If You Have To Drive, Drive Green

By   June 18, 2015

Drive GreenNo matter the make, model, size, type or year of your vehicle, you can still drive green. Just a few preventive maintenance things will do the trick to help you help environment:
Tuned It Up For Optimum Performance:

By keeping your vehicle properly maintained, you will do more than help the environment by reducing emissions, but you’ll save money too because you’ll use less gas. This maintenance includes replacing air and fuel filters, replacing the spark plugs and if needed, replace any of the emission system and ignition system so that the computer is working correctly.

A thorough tune-up can save you up to 4% or more on gas mileage. Replacing things like oxygen sensor, spark plugs, etc can save you up to 40%, a great step toward being drive green.

Be A Smart Driver:

Your driving habits will not only save you fuel such as avoiding sudden starts and stops. Drive the speed limit and remember it is the “limit” not the “required” speed. Avoid driving aggressively and combine your errands and do as much as possible at one time to cut back on unnecessary.

Use the cruise control when possible and don’t use the AC if you can avoid it. By parking in the shade and use windshield shades, your vehicle will be cooler and the AC won’t be a must.

Go Light:

Lighten up your load in the trunk and inside the car. The lighter your vehicle weighs, the better the fuel milegage. Keep your emergency kits and tools, your first-aid kit in there, but the extra things need to go.

Keep It Cool:

Keep your vehicles cooling system in proper order and have the system thermostat replaced regularly. When a vehicle runs too cold or too hot, it uses more fuel.

Check Your Tires:

Keep proper tire pressure all the way around and you’ll see your gas mileage improve by more 3 percent. Have it checked monthly and don’t forget to check the spare. When your tires are have too little air, it takes more power from the engine to roll. Season and temperature changes can effect your tires and cause them to up to half of their inflation pressure.

Gas Up And Secure It:

A cracked, damaged or loose gas cap permits the gas to escape in a vapor. This wastes fuel and puts out vehicle emissions too. When you gas up, stop at the first click. That squeezing every last drop in that you can releases vapors and waste money.  Gas expands, so leave room!

Keep Your A/C Maintained:

Have your vehicles A/C system inspected annually to make sure it is operating properly and get any leaks fixed immediately.  Leaks are putting vapors in the air and you’re not getting as much from your system as you should be.