How You Can Go Green While Going To College

By   September 20, 2015

Go GreenGoing to college doesn’t mean you can’t go green still. In fact, there are many campuses that have construction projects in place for facilities that are energy-efficient. And as well, many other colleges are looking for ways they can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions on campus. But what can you do as a student? Well let’s take a look at some suggestions:

Be A Consumer That Is Informed

Just like at home, go green and turn off things you aren’t using and utilize that smart strip you bought that turns off the peripherals when your computer goes to sleep.  When you shop for class and dorm supplies, go green by buying products that are green all the way through. Meaning, they are made from either all natural materials or recycled materials and they can be recycled themselves at the end of their lifespan.

Replace any standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. They use 75% less energy and they last ten times longer. Make sure your mini fridge and microwave are Energy Star rated too. Buy things are made locally and buy things that are biodegradable, chlorine free, dye free and nontoxic.  Be careful buying things that aren’t phosphate free or nonpetroleum based and try to find substitutes that are.

Paper Reduction

We already know that cloth hand towels are better for the environment than paper towels, but why not go green one more step? It will be an expense at first, but get a few bowls, cups, glasses, plates and utensils that can be washed and reused instead of disposable stuff to use when you have those late night dorm snacks?

Print on both sides of the paper when possible and don’t throw away paper you’re done with that has a blank side. Use those for note scraps. If your campus doesn’t have recycling bins for aluminum, cardboard, paper and other things, find the closest one and make weekly trips.

Water Use

Go green means you shorten you showers! That not only will save water but it will make you friends with your dorm-mates too.  Wear your jeans and other clothes more than once before you wash them if possible and make sure you have full loads when you do wash.

Go Green And Recycle

Okay, so this isn’t anything exciting or new in the world where you need to go green, but a reminder doesn’t hurt. In addition to buying things that are recycled or made from recycled materials, makes sure you recycle as much as you can. Before you put something in the trash, think of other ways it can be used.