How Will You Recognize Earth Day 2016?

By   February 17, 2016

Go GreenFriday, April 22nd is Earth Day for 2016. How are you planning to recognize that day where you live? It may seem as if the whole world is in your little area and not affected by what goes around your neighborhood. But the fact is what is going on around your area does affect the rest of the Earth just as what goes on in the rest of the world affects your part. This is why finding ways you can go green is a focus one day out of the year.

An Annual Event

There are many significant holidays that are preprinted on calendars such as Easter, Christmas, Chanukah, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and many, many others. But April 22nd has not yet made that broad of an impact and often goes by quietly. This year, mark it on your calendars and start making plans on how your household will recognize the day. Here we offer you 4 suggestions on how you can do just that:

  1. Host a Go Green Neighborhood Parade or Party

There are Christmas Parades, New Year’s Eve Parties but the idea of having a spring party isn’t as popular. Start the tradition in your neighborhood and organize a parade by hosting a kick-off Go Green party. Make it kid-friendly and invite the whole neighborhood. Go door-to-door with hand-outs that talk about the purpose of April 22nd and the need to save the Earth today so there is a tomorrow.

  1. Plan a Go Green Clean Up Day

Earth day or sometime during that week is when most communities have an organized trash pickup. Choose a weekend day and encourage everyone to go around the neighborhood as well as around their own home. Where there is an elderly or handicapped neighbor, join forces and clean up around their home.  This go green clean up can include planting new flowers, shrubs, and trees.

  1. Celebrate Local Heroes That Go Green

April 22nd will be a great day to celebrate and recognize the neighbors who make year-round contributions to Go Green. Maybe you know a neighbor that local recycling center? Or a neighbor that collects aluminum cans? Or the neighborhood school that recycle bins for cardboard, paper, etc.

  1. Map the Local Ecosystems

Everyone in the neighborhood may not know about all the places you know about that are full of nature. Create a map and hand it out to everyone that shows the nature walks and parks, pointing out the specific area of area where you can Go Green and enjoy what nature offers year round.