How The Beauty Industry Has Transformed To Be A Green Living Industry

By   December 13, 2015

green livingHow often are you getting your hair and make-up done for work and realize you should have been doing this all along? You know that awesome health & beauty trick that is making you look absolutely stunning? As technology improves in the world and becomes more geared toward green living, so do our health & beauty regimens and trick.

And if you think you’ve always all-so-cool with your health & beauty products and routine, we encourage you look back at your old pictures. You know the ones where you caked on that dark bronzer. Or any of the following things on this memory lane we’ve created.

Beauty Magazines

How many magazines did you buy and how many pages did you rip out to create your scrapbook of what you wanted “your look” to be when you started making money?  Today, our green living version of this would be surfing the internet and looking at picture after picture. And we can use today’s technology to actually see how it will look right there on the website.

Gift With Purchase

How excited did you get when you went to the mall and bought a health & beauty item so that you get the “free gift”? It was usually a moisturizer that was too oily for your skin type or some color of eyeshadow or lipstick that you wouldn’t even put on your worst enemy. Today, again on line, you can find the brands of health & beauty products that you will use because you go through a quiz that will find you all those wonderful freebies that are meant for you.

High Fashion

When you were a teenage girl looking through all those health & beauty magazines, that high-fashion that was focused probably seemed faraway and unattainable.  While you dreamed you were walking the catwalk as you eagerly waited for the local mall to release the latest and newest items. Today, we can actually be at Fashion Week from the comfort of our home!

Beechwood Or Sandlewood

Remember hanging out in the drugstore trying to choose which tone was best for you? And after you made your choice, you went home and put on your new make-up only to realize, it was a mask of horror. Today the health & beauty industry has color-matching software that recognizes your face and even offers you mobile technology so that you can match your skin tone with an appropriate color of foundation.  Thankfully this technology has brought us a better way to see ourselves for what it really is and practice green living technology.