How Smart Should Your Thermostat Be?

By   January 23, 2016

green livingIn the effort for everyone to practice green living, there are several manufacturers that have several smart thermostats available today on the market. There are so many in fact, that it makes it difficult to choose the right one. You want a thermostat that is affordable, easy to install, and simple to program. You also want to know that it is going to be a money saver in the long run!

We’re going to do a brief summary on three of the biggest names in the thermostat industry. After you read this piece, we hope you have the info you need to be ready to go make an informed decision and start your green living practice today:


The most famous internet search engine, Google, has gotten into the green living push with a smart thermostat. What makes this thermostat more attractive than the others is that it learns you instead of you learning it! It learns your household living habits and makes adjustments as needed. Yes, it adjusts the temperature as well as the ambient lighting, the humidity, and any motion inside your home. It takes it approximately a week to create a program that is specific to the routine in the house.

What if your house has more than one Nest unit installed?  No worries – they use WiFi to communicate with each other and coordinate the schedules for each area of the house. And you can control you Nest from a computer, your smartphone or any other device that has internet access.


The Ecobee3 is somewhat like the Nest in the fact that it also uses motion and sensors that determine if anyone is home or not. You can install as many as thirty-two remote sensors that will sense the occupancy and measure the temperature of whatever room they are installed. This lets you fine-tune the temps in your house and you can adjust it from a computer, your smartphone, etc. too.


The Lyric is different from the other two brands we’ve discussed here. It has a “geofencing” algorithm design for sensing the activity level in your home instead of sensors. It has a radius range from five-hundred feet to 7 miles that can tell when somebody enters or exits the range you have predetermined and then adjust the temp according to the settings you program.

Some Comparison Notes

The Nest runs around $249 and is an easy DIY install.  The Ecobee3 is also around $249 with the Lyric around $279, but both require professional installation which can cost as much as $150. The manufacturer of Nest claim that 3 out 4 customers can complete installation in thirty-minutes or less.