How Green Are You With Your Health & Beauty Routine?

By   June 24, 2015

Going GreenDo you consider yourself a “green” person because you recycle, take public transportation quit eating tuna when they were killing dolphins, take reusable bags to the grocery store and stuff like that? Maybe you even have found a way to reuse the lint from the clothes dryer?

But how close are you and being green really? Are you being a green as possible when it comes to your health and beauty routines? And we aren’t just talking about recycling the cardboard and plastic packaging either. We are talking about the products themselves.

Have you tried the good-for-the-Earth product options like the herbal scents and homespun formulas? They come in drab packaging and aren’t usually at eye level at the store. Or are you one of those suckers for luxury?

Take Your Mainstream And Go Off Track For Awhile

We are going to take a quick look at the mainstream of cosmetics, deodorants, hair products, skincare and even toothpaste. For most of you, this won’t be a blissful relationship, but give it a dry for one week and if all goes fairly well, try 2 weeks, a month and maybe, just maybe, it will become your routine.

Starting off, find the “green” deodorant and leave behind the product filled with that active ingredient, aluminum. We’re going to tell you right up front, it ain’t easy being green in this department. Most people will tell you that this deodorant doesn’t do a thing for you.

Next, moving on to the make-up area, that industry really hasn’t done much for helping you go green. The products that are green-friendly aren’t very good. They clump the lashes together and are quick to run and smear.

We expect you’ll return to your good old stand-bys in these 2 areas. But give them a full week’s try before you do and think about this: The FDA has banned 10 cosmetic products found to be unsafe for the environment.   The European Union on the other hand, has banned over 1,300 cosmetic product ingredients. That should make you think twice about going back anyway.

Clear Skin Thanks To Going Green

After you give that last statement some though, hopefully you’ll have a renewed commitment to going green with your health and beauty routine. There are many pure cleansers on the market made of all natural products and given enough time in using them, we’re pretty sure you’ll see the best skin you’ve had in years. And you’ll find that they are actually packaged in some pretty cool looking packaging that is made from 100% recycled materials and they are 100% recyclable themselves. Take a look instead of just grabbing your usual items.