How Does Buying From Local Farmers Contribute To The Green Movement?

By   February 6, 2016

green movementYou stop at the local fruit stand from time to time and grab a few things. You enjoy the freshness of the beans, corn, squash as well as the apples and grapes. But you still don’t understand how your enjoyment of eating fresher stuff contributes to the green movement. That’s okay because the truth is, a lot of folks still aren’t understanding the whole green movement yet. There are more people driving hybrids and recycling anything and everything they can. But that buying from a local fruit stand versus the grocery store just isn’t registering.

We want to share with you eight reasons that buying your fruits and vegetables from local stands is being a part of the green movement as opposed to buying at your usual supermarket.

They Are Fresher

The fruit and vegetables you buy at the local stand aren’t just fresher and you are being part of the green movement, but because it is fresher, it is going to taste better and it is healthier too. When you buy your fruits and vegetables at the local grocery, they have brought in by truck from destinations that are 100s to 1000s of miles away. If you don’t think there is a difference between the lettuce at the local stand and the lettuce at the store, buy a head of each on the same day and go make two salads.

They Are Seasonal

Okay, this may be a down side when you have a recipe that calls for something that isn’t in season, but being deprived a good fresh piece of fruit lead to a greater appreciation. Just like your living room is its cozies is when you come in from a cold, wintery day. When you eat a tomato that has been grown locally, it is bursting with flavor that you won’t soon forget and you’ve just contributed to the green movement!

Less Impact On The Environment

When you buy you fruits and vegetables that have come from 100s or 1000s of miles away, you are contribution to that large carbon footprint that’s clogging up the air we all breathe. When you shop at the local fruit stand, you aren’t just a part of the green movement, but you are eating foods that are healthie because they are grown by a farmer that uses organic and sustainable ways of growing his produce. That minimizes the energy used and lessens the impact on the environment.