How Apartment Dwellers Can Join In The Green Living Way Of Life

By   April 29, 2015

green livingDo you live in an apartment? And when you see all the articles, excitement and news about Green Living, wonder what you can do to join in? Most of the things you hear about and read are for businesses and home owners, so as somebody that lives in an apartment, you really don’t know how much you can do, right? Believe it or not, there are a lot of things you can do towards Green Living that will help the environment … even in an apartment!

Where To Start?

If home-ownership isn’t in your plans, you most likely have the ability to move closer to work. There is probably mass transit right by you or maybe you can even walk to work. If that is so for, that alone helps lessen the pollution because that is one less vehicle on the road. A personal upside about living closer to work with less commute time is having more personal time with family and friends.

Most apartments today are focusing on Green Living with things like providing residents recycling bins along with the trash dumpster. Some even have planted community gardens for the residents to partake. There are apartments that are smoke-free, which isn’t just all about Green Living, it is also healthier too. As you sign the lease for your next apartment and they mention they will be repainting it, ask them if they use low VOC paint, which is eco-friendly.

By choosing an apartment that is close to work, close to your local restaurants and stores, try to walk more than drive. If your apartment doesn’t offer recycle bins, there are probably some city supplied ones close by that you can use. Many schools have recycle bins too.

You Can Control More Than You Realize

While you can’t do anything about storm windows and insulation in the walls of your apartments, you can use heavier curtains on the windows and when you shop, take reusable bags. Call the companies that fill your mail box up with junk and request to be removed from their list.

By doing things that help you with you utilities like turning off lights when not in the room or installing energy-efficient fluorescent lights, you’re practicing Green Living. Minimize the use of your air conditioner during the summer by having it on only when you’re home. The smart thermostats today can be set to turn the unit off and on for you.

Another small thing that will put you in Green Living mode is unplug any electrical appliances and devices that you aren’t using. By making sure your refrigerator isn’t set too cold will cut back the amount of electricity you use too.

So you see there are many things you can do towards Green Living while living in an apartment. They not only will help the environment, but help you financially too. These are only a few things that we’ve listed here – look around and you can probably find other things you can do.