These Homes Are Made From Natural Materials That Offer Sustainability Like No Other

By   December 10, 2016

The construction of houses today can run in the hundreds of thousands or more. And once they are built, there cost they have on our monthly expenses and the environment is higher. Which is why there are more and more people are looking for ways to build with natural materials that offer sustainability.

They want to lessen the impact on their monthly budget while easing the impact on the day-to-day damage to the environment. We are outfitting our homes with sustainable technology already. Now there is a huge boom in building homes that are sustainable and use the resources that are all around, like natural materials.

While the term ‘sustainable’ has quickly become a buzz word, we are all starting to see the benefits to having a home that is made from sustainable natural materials. To obtain true sustainability, we need to understand that there are many facets to consider. Not only using the natural materials for building the house either. But we need to use renewable energy sources for the design that is efficient and offers harmony to the surrounding environment.

Let’s take a look at a few houses that do just that:

Bamboo Blooming

From a Vietnamese architect firm, we have a prototype home that will be to the masses in Vietnam. They are going to be priced for those on a low income can afford them. This home is placed on stilts making it flood-proof for against floods that are as much as 5 foot deep.

This 473 square foot home has a central frame construction made from bamboo, a natural material, that is found locally. It also has coconut leaves and fiberboard, all natural materials that are right there.

Fall House

A San Francisco architecture firm recently designed a beautiful luxury house that is guaranteed to make your neighbors jealous! Situated on the Big Sur coastline, the house has a copper facade that will get a beautiful patina in the sea air. It also provides the occupants a higher degree of fire-protection.

Not only does it have an enviable look, but the views are even more enviable. This two-story house has energy-efficient windows and an open design where the stack ventilation is natural. It automatically opens the windows which reduce the need to use air-conditioning. The graywater recycling system is another way to make this home that is made of natural materials even more sustainable.

Pop-Up House

Designed by a French architecture, a team of builders erected this house in only 4 days using only a screwdriver. Prefabricated home offers excellent insulation and creates a almost airtight thermal envelope so that no heating is required.