Here Are The Green Jobs To Get In The Next 10 Years

By   December 22, 2015

Green JobsThe news is good for the next 10 years for farmers and urban planners. We are going to see massive investments in the area of clean energy, which is going to keep them in business. And for the green-tech entrepreneur, this will be your decade! Here are the green jobs that experts are saying the following are where the jobs will be. So if your soon-to-be graduate hasn’t chose their field yet, show them this list!


There are only 2 million farmers in America today with 55 being the average age. This is getting close to retirement for those folks and there is going to be a need for somebody to fill their boots and take over their plows in a green way. Just because they are retiring doesn’t mean we won’t need to eat!  The sustainable agriculture means we need local, organic grown, small-scale methods instead of the fertilizers and machines that are petroleum-based. Experts are saying we will need tens of millions farmers and today, that modern farmer will need to be a small business person that is skilled in heirloom genetics and marketing.


The modern forester will need to have an understanding of conservation and development as well as international project finance. Foresters assist local people switch from slash-and-burn to silviculture by teaching cultivation of faster-growing, higher-value species for fruits, medicines or timber as they document carefully the impact it is all having on the environment. It is said that over 1.5 billion people are depending on the forest for their income. As such, deforestation, now causes about one-fourth of the world’s global warming and is a leading source of tens of billions dollars in carbon credits.

Solar Power Installers

The more people that are going solar, the more solar panels are being installed. There are over 700,000 jobs now manufacturing and installing solar power systems. Jobs are paying as much as $35 per hour for a person with construction experience to install rooftop photovoltaic cells or solar-thermal water heaters. And for the person that doesn’t mind relocating, there opportunities all across the country working in the solar power industry. More than 3,000 companies in the solar energy sector have as many as 35,000 employees today and that number is expected to grow to over 100,000 in 2016.

Wind Turbine Fabricators

The fastest-growing and leading source of alternative energy has created more than 300,000 jobs around the world. Wind turbines are in great demand and this has created an opportunity for anyone laid off from the auto industry to repurpose their well-honed skills.