Help Protect The Land and The Wildlife

By   August 29, 2015

environmentally friendlyPart of being environmentally friendly is conserving the electricity, conserving the water and doing things, or not doing things, to protect our air. But when you get right down to it, if we don’t protect the land and the wildlife, we won’t need the rest of that stuff.

So what can you do to protect the land and the wildlife?

Waste Less: Have you ever been by a dump? You the place where the trash trucks take the trash we throw out every Tuesday? Well there are a lot of cities and communities that are running out of the land needed to make those dumps. When you think about what goes in those dumps, you can understand why they aren’t considered to be environmentally friendly.

We can help minimize what goes in those dumps by buying products that are minimally packaged, especially products that are packaged in stuff that isn’t biodegradable. We can help minimize what goes in the dumps by recycling, repurposing and reusing anything and everything possible. The lunch meat that comes in plastic containers – reuse those containers because they are not environmentally friendly when they end up in the dump!

Use your scrap food to start a compost pile and then use that compost for the garden you’re going to plant, which will keep you from buying fruits and vegetables in plastic bags and wrappers. (Note the chain of events hinted at?).  Make your own cleaners instead of buying new stuff in plastic bottles all the time. You’ll be environmentally friendly in two ways: One – you aren’t putting harsh chemicals in the air, land or water. Two – you aren’t putting another plastic bottle in the dump.

Plant A Tree Or Two: We need trees for the environment. They are an essential part of our health and the health of the land. They slow the erosion of the land, they filter the air we breathe and they are the house that many animals and wildlife leave in. Instead of clearing land to make way for buildings, plant more trees and go with trees that are native to the area.

Wildlife Lawn: Instead of the perfect and pristine lawn, be environmentally friendly and go with a lawn that is a haven for animals, plants and trees. Quit using the chemical laden herbicides and pesticides, go organic and let nature take care of itself. After all, it did pretty good until man came along.

Go with plants and trees that attract the bees, birds and butterflies. Put up a birdfeeder and a squirrel feeder. Have a birdbath in your yard for a water source for the birds and a garden pond for the other animals.

 Respect The Lives Of Animals: There are so many different species of animals that are at a risk of becoming extinct, humans need to rethink about how we consider animals. Every living thing on Earth has a purpose here and the actions and choices we make can affect how the Earth will keep evolving.

We don’t need to all become vegetarians, but we can make conscious decisions on the meats we eat in regards to where they come from, how they are farmed or caught in the wild. We can take better care of the natural habitats like the beaches and the forests. These are the habitats and home for animals. Respect them as you expect others to respect your home.