Green Ways Can Help With Your Food and Cooking This Winter

By   November 20, 2016

When winter comes around, it can be easy to get lazy.  There is nothing better than to curl up on the sofa, drink hot chocolate and watch movies while we’re munching out on food you’ve been cooking. But that isn’t the healthiest way to live, we all know that.   Here, we are going offer you some suggestions and tips on things you can do to keep that healthy summer motivation going all winter:

Get To Those Chores

The more you keep moving around, the more your body temp and heart rate increase. And that movement will keep you warm. If you sit at work, or at home, and start to feel chilly, that is a good indication that you’ve been sitting too long.

Use that as a hint to get up and do something like change bed linens, do a load of laundry, load the dishwasher or figure out what food to start cooking for dinner. These activities will warm you up and you won’t have to turn up the heat. Chores get done and you help the energy bill.

Warm Beverage

Regardless if you enjoy hot chocolate, hot coffee, or a hot toddy, a warm beverage can help warm you up from the inside out. Stock up on various flavors of tea if you’re not a hot cholate, hot coffee or hot toddy person. Tea has proven to reduce cancer and is healthy for the heart.  Match up your hot beverage with some delicious food that you’ve been cooking while you’re warming up – Another double duty activity!

Be Choosy With Materials

If your home has bare floors, purchase area rugs to warm your tootsies. Buy flannel sheets for your bed and heavy curtains that will minimize drafts. Keep the Afghans and throw blankets handy for snuggling.

Hot Water Bottles

Back in the day, hot water bottles to keep warm at night. Those folks knew what they were doing! You can find stylish hot water bottles today and with those keeping you warm for hours, you won’t need the thermostat cranked up high.

Spice Things Up

Prepare spicy dishes and they will warm you up from the inside out. Spices like black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, garlic and ginger are great. Stock up on food like nuts and nut butter, perfect for regulating body temps. Make a pot of homemade soup or stew and have it ready when the kids come in from building snowmen and snowboarding.


Yes, even indoors, you can exercise and you don’t have to buy fancy in-home gym equipment. The internet has sites that can provide you an exercise regimen to use. When you’re exercising, you’re moving and as we stated earlier, movement will warm you up!