Green Technology: Small Adjustments for Big Impact

By   March 6, 2014

Green Technology: Small Adjustments for Big ImpactIt may be difficult to retrofit an existing home or building to begin receiving its energy from wind or solar sources. However, while some sustainable living practices require significant changes in lifestyle and may seem rather costly, other types of sustainable green technology can be applied to life with little or no disruption. Small calculations can add up to big savings, which means that installing energy-saving technology in the home or small business may ultimately pay for itself over time.

Programmable Thermostats

Studies have shown that even turning the heat down at night by 5 degrees while the family sleeps will significantly reduce energy consumption. Green technology has allowed for thermostats which can be programmed to warm (or cool) the house while the family is home, but use less energy while the family is away or sleeping. This way you never need to remember to turn down the heat at night, it is done for you.

Lighting with Photo Sensors

Using technology to turn lights on a off when a person enters or exits the room is ingenious. While simple motion sensors are often used to control outdoor lights, occupancy sensors can determine if people are in the room and turn the lights on or off according. This is particularly useful in rooms which are sporadically filled or emptied such as conference rooms, offices, or bathrooms. These energy conserving sensors can be mounted on the ceiling, corner, or wall and are likely to pay for themselves fairly quickly.

Programmed Timer for Water Heaters

Water heater timers work in the same way that a programmable thermostat would. The water heater is programmed to automatically lower the temperature of the stored water in the tank during times in which there is low demand. For instance, while the family is sleeping or away from the house. The program can also increase the temperature during times of high demand, such as morning shower time. These types of timers may render up to 30% or more in savings, as well as prolonging the life of the water heater, which is also great for the environment.

Green Technology Monitor

Consider making use of computer technology to investigate the amount of energy your home uses and how you might be able to cut that back. Home energy consumption monitors can be installed into homes to increase awareness and conserve resources such as water usage and energy. Individuals making responsible energy and consumption choices will go a long way in creating a more healthy environment for the future.

Even the simplest of efforts to “save the earth” by using green technology can make a significant difference in moving forward with sustainable living practices. If you are thinking of moving or renovating, it is easy to install many of these items at once. But a slower approach also works. Commit to starting one new green technology practice each month and shortly you will be well on your way to doing your part for the environment.