Green Technology Innovations

By   March 8, 2014

Green Technology InnovationsWhile harnessing solar and wind power has been an environmentally-conscious activity for over a century, many other sustainable green technology practices are fairly new. As these advances continue to move forward, only time will tell if they will eventually find themselves as a standard in the average American household, or if they will fall by the wayside in light of newer and better modernization.

Energy Saving Home Consoles

With the idea that one control panel should be able to do everything for the home, Allure invented the EverSense console. In addition to saving energy by controlling thermostat, this is a voice-controlled touch screen which will also stream music from your personal tablet. Plans also include potential for connecting with speakers in various places throughout the house.

Green IT

Speaking of tablets and computers, Lenovo has created two versions of their ThinkPad made from 30% recycled materials. These reclaimed materials originate from plastic from used IT equipment and office water jugs. This product is also more energy efficient and is sold in packaging which is 100% recyclable. The Apple iPad 2 is also eco-friendly with an energy-efficient ten hour battery. Its chassis is made from recycled glass and aluminum, and the display is made without including and of the toxic ingredients which may be used in other computer products.

Water Alarm Clock

Waking up to an alarm clock powered by water? Sure! Bedol offers this no battery, no electricity digital alarm clock which simply needs the water replaced twice a year to ensure proper function. You can even buy one on the color green.

Algae as an Energy Source

Instead of using edible food sources as a fuel, considering the debacle that happened when corn made ethanol, research has indicated that bio-fuels can also be made from particular types of algae. With no need for farmland, algae is convenient and quick to grow. Some scientists are exploring whether algae could even use waste-water in order to add to the sustainability of the projects. Some of these microalgae fuel companies in Florida, California, and Colorado include Sapphire Energy, Algenol, and Solix.

As sustainable technology efforts move forward, more and more new products and fuel options will likely come into play in an effort to minimize the human impact on our planet. In the meantime, there are dozens of sustainable living options currently available to begin implementing into our homes, our businesses, and our lives.