Green Technology Holiday Lights That Would Make Clark Griswold Proud

By   December 3, 2016

This holiday season is going to be lit up different from coast to coast, thanks to the advances in green technology.  The lighting technology that is coming out on the market will give you more creative ways to deck and light up your halls and outdoors.

Those standard white incandescent lights and the animatronic elves, reindeer, and Santa are going to be old news.  We’re going to be lighting up our homes with lasers and smartphones in millions of color choices. Take a look at what you can expect to see:


This green technology isn’t anything new, but up until now, it has been limited to smaller strands of incandescent lights that were used on the front porch or in a window.  This year, you can get 30 feet of LED lights with batteries that last longer and are more powerful. You can get them with auto-timers and controls that make them blink as well as other light patterns.

Laser Lights Projected

Get 1000s of tiny pinpoint lights in red, green or red and green with small spotlights and shone them against your home or any hard surface. They actually look like the traditional rope light, but they float across the exterior of your home, plants, trees, etc. For those who live in cold weather climate, this green technology item will make taking down holiday decorations so much easier!

RGB Lights

Get as many as 16 million colors from a single light bulb that has 3 LEDs of basic colors: Blue, Green, Red. These are RGB lights and you can adjust the lights with your smartphone. Even better, you can use them all year long … just change the colors for the appropriate holiday. And as we already know. Using LED lighting is one of the best green technology things you can do.

If You’re Using What You Have

Not everyone has the budget to buy the latest in holiday lights though. But you can still practice green technology with your current lights and be conscious of what you do. It’s no secret that all of those holiday decorations impact the utility bills while setting the holiday mood.

So take the steps to cut the cost back during the holidays, like replacing old incandescent light bulbs with the LED bulbs that are available today. Many will retrofit and not cost a fortune. LED is one of the biggest energy-efficient green technology things we have today. Across the country, LEDs account for huge energy saving according to the Department of Energy.