Green Purchasing

By   April 5, 2014

Green technologyPart of the idea of green technology consists of using sustainable or renewable resources which are less harmful and leave less of a negative impact on the environment. In a effort to do so, many green companies are placing stringent standards on the which products and materials they will purchase and from whom. This type of business practice is referred to as Green Purchasing. This can also be practiced on a smaller, but still impact full way on an individual and family level.

Recycled Content

One of the ways to keep landfills from filling and releasing ever-harmful gasses is by using recycled materials and products. Companies may limit their sourcing by doing business with manufacturers who use post-consumer recycled, found in directories provided which list Recycled-Content Product Manufacturers (RCPM). Individuals may read labels carefully in an effort to look for green & clean products which are made locally (reducing transportation waste) and made from post consumer recycled waste.

Families Buying Green

While there are some items which might be impossible to buy green, there are many which require just a little bit of effort to purchase from a green manufacturer for clothing, body care, house wares, and various other products families use every day. When people make purchases with the intention of promoting a healthy environment, fair trade, and developing a marketplace for sustainable products, there can be significant change made. Some products which can always be purchased to limit humans’ harmful impact on the environment include paper, light bulbs, batteries, paint, clothes, appliances, vehicles/transportation, and even energy.

Asking Companies to Buy Green

Although sometimes individuals may feel as if they can’t do enough to help the environment, there are ways that consumers can speak into the practices of companies. Because companies are driven by sales, individual consumers can let companies know through purchasing power that they want to buy green. In addition, contacting manufacturers of some of your favorite products and asking them to go green or you’ll have to stop buying may be a way to encourage more green purchasing on a corporate level.

Best Places for Green Purchasing Info

California is a state which is particularly attentive to matters of “green” purchasing and much information is available through several state websites on the topic. In addition, California has been leading out through developing Recycling Market Development  Zones (RMDZ) which combines the green technology of recycling with economic development such as job creation, business expansion, and landfill waste reduction. Consumers and businesses are encouraged to do business with these recycling markets which are developed to run in a cleaner and greener manner.

Also, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has various resources for Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) where information about green products and services can be found around the United States. The European Commission on the environment offers resources and information for green and responsible buying for those living in the European Union.

As green technology continues to advance, the development of green products and green purchasing will only continue to grow. Consumer education through reading labels and information has the power to push green purchasing forward and leave irresponsible manufacturing behind.