Green Home Construction – Technologies and Trends

By   July 10, 2015

Green Home“Green” products are growing more and more popular and there isn’t any indication the trend is slowing down. Even in the construction industry, the building techniques and products are eco-friendly and sales are rising rapidly. Some of construction industry’s green trends include:

Starting On The Ground

At the very start of a construction project, green practices can be integrated at every aspect. This includes the beams, doors and windows, the concrete and masonry as well as the electrical and mechanical systems. Even aspects such as the appliances, finishes, and heat and moisture protection there are green options available.

The Flooring

Today, there are varieties of green flooring available. There is wood flooring that is manufactured from repurposed wood that comes from old buildings no longer in use. This type of flooring has become popular because of its recycle approach. Even when purchasing new flooring materials and products, there are many green product choices to make like bamboo, cork and rubber. Even new linoleum products are less toxic than years ago and can be recycled when they have reached their end of life.


There is less to no toxic materials used in carpet manufacturing and they cost less too. One of the biggest trends today is carpet tiles. A green choice that is easy to install and you can simply replace only the area that needs it, not the whole room.

Green Building Goals

The goal of building green is more than just eco-friendly. It is to build homes that are healthier too. Green home blend in with his settings, use less energy and water and are less toxic because of the green materials that are employed to build them.

Advantages And Trends

Building a green home offers the homeowner many advantages after the initial cost. They can look forward to lower energy cost over the years that will more than compensate for that upfront expense. They will have a healthier living condition because of less toxins in the materials that were used to build the house.

While home construction is going more green is the hot thing right now, home remodeling is coming up right behind it. Current homeowners are able to incorporate practices and use materials that are green for remodeling projects too. By installing green appliances, they will get their investment back as well in the money saved in energy.