Green Friendly Ways To Dry Clothing

By   October 2, 2015

Green Friendly Ways To Dry ClothingThe clothes dryer is one of the highest energy users in your home and is probably one of the most used ones too. Whether you have an electric or a gas dryer, it is using energy sources that we need to conserve. So while we need to dry clothing after washing, we need to find green friendly ways to do that.

Not only do clothes dryers use those natural resources our electricity and gas, they also slowly destroy your clothing in the process. That is pieces of your clothes that you are getting out the lint filter. Yes, really. And by using a dryer to dry clothing, you’re also putting more dust in the air, which can be affecting your breathing.

Green Friendly Alternatives To Dry Clothing

So by finding green friendly ways to dry clothing, you will prolong your clothing’s life, minimize the amount of dust in the air, save money and save the environment too. That’s a lot of things you’ll succeed at by following just a few tips we’re going to share:

  1. Laundry Duty In The Morning: You won’t be using your clothes dryer, so you’ll want to allow the whole day to dry clothing. The heavier the clothing, the longer it will take to dry. Do a load when you get up, hang them to dry and then go on to work. When you get home you’ll have green friendly dried clothes.
  2. Space Your Clothes: When you’re hanging your clothing to dry, the most important thing to remember is to leave space in between each piece. If you hang them right up against each other, the air can’t circulate around them to dry them. Again, the thicker the item, such as your jeans and your towels, you’ll need to give them more space between the other articles. If you’re using a green friendly drying rack, drape the
  3. Nice Clothing Dry On Hangers: The clothes you hang in the closet, go ahead and hang them on the hanger to dry. They can be hung on door facings and shower curtain rod (after you’ve showered that is) and they will dry green friendly right there. I’ve used the backs of chairs, the ceiling fan, etc. to dry clothing many times.
  4. Breeze and Sunshine To Dry Clothing: Place your drying rack wherever it can get the most sun and if the weather allows it, where it can get a good breeze.
  5. Flip Them Over: If you are home while you hang dry clothing, or after you get home and they are still a little damp, simply flip them around. Leaving them in one place to dry can lead to a musty smell anyway, so getting more fresh air all around them will help dry the clothing and keep them smelling fresh.