Going Green Saves The Environment And Saves You Money!

By   June 22, 2015

green technology ideasDo realize that by going green, you are not only saving the environment, but you’ll save money too? The environment part is for all of us but the saving money part is all yours! So if you have been one of those people that selfishly worries about your own comfort instead of what you’re doing for the rest of us with the Earth, we have some green technology ideas to share with you.

Next to hearing about being green and going green, the other big topic is the climate change. Lucky for you, the following green technology ideas and tips we have to recommend will help all of those things and, like we said earlier, save you money too. And best of all, they are easy and simple!

  1. Saving On Energy Will Save Money
    By simply moving your thermostat just a few degrees lower during the winter and just a few degrees higher during the summer will save you money on your cooling and heating bills. Other green technology ideas you can take advantage of to save you money are:

    • As your incandescent bulbs burn out, replace them with CFLs (compact fluorescent light) bulbs.
    • When you aren’t using an electrical appliance, unplug it.
    • Invest in “smart” power strips that sense when appliances are off and puts them into a energy saving “phantom” mode.
    • Use cold water for your laundry as much as possible.
    • Hang clothes to dry instead of the clothes dryer.
  2. Saving On Water Will Save Money
    • Reduce your time in the shower will save your energy and water costs.
    • Replace your showerhead with a low-flow showerhead. They are inexpensive and you’ll get your small investment back on energy and water savings.
    • Install faucet aerator on every faucet and you’ll conserve heat and water but not lose any water pressure.
    • If you garden, use plants that are drought-tolerant native plants that need minimal watering.
  3. Use Less Gas Will Make You More Money
  • Instead of driving or taking mass transportation to work, ride a bike or walk Not only will you be contributing to saving the environment, but you’ll save money on gas, parking and tolls. As a bonus, you’ll give your cardiovascular health a workout.
  • If you live a good ways from work, ask your boss about telecommuting. This not only helps the environment and you budget, but you’ll get more time in.
  1. Eat Smarter Will Save Money
    • For those who are meat eaters, go meatless one day a week. While this may not seem like an environmental issue, there are many related issues in processing of meat. .
    • Buy your dairy, eggs, meat and seafood locally when you can. You’ll be taking less out of the big stores pockets that using big trucks to get things around and you’ll help a neighbor out.
  2. Bottle Your Own Water
  • There are inexpensive water filters you can put on your kitchen tap and get the same affect that buying bottled water gets you, but not at the cost of bottled water.
  • If you do buy bottled water, reuse them is probably the simplest of all green technology ideas.
  1. Before You Buy – Think
    • Buy used when you can from cars and clothing to furniture and tools. You can even redecorate with used items and you’ll find you get a lot more for your money when you do. Shop consignment stores, flea markets, garage sales, resale stores and thrift stores.
  2. Why Buy When You Can Borrow
    • Instead of buying books from the book club every month, go to your local library. Or you can buy some great reads at the same places you can buy gently worn clothes, see our list above.
    • Borrow your neighbor’s power tools that you don’t have one of and offer yours to them as well. The less you have to clutter your garage the better, right?
  3. Buy Bulk Is Buying smart
    • Buy food in bulk not only will save you money, but saves on the packaging that ends up in the dump.
    • Don’t buy clothes that have to be dry-cleaned. You’ll save the earth of the chemicals and plastic bagging as well as save money too.
    • Buy high-quality products and they’ll save you in the long run plus last longer.
  4. Keep electronics out of the trash
    • Don’t just trash old cell phones,computers or other electronics. Most local communities have electronic recycling and yours doesn’t find a place on the internet that will take them.
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  5. Home Made Cleaning Supplies
    • The cleaning products you can make yourself will save you money but are also non-toxic. If you have some simple household ingredients like baking soda, lemon, soap and vinegar you can make what you need.