Going Green In The Holiday Kitchen

By   September 5, 2015

Going Green In The Holiday KitchenBefore we know it, the holiday season will here and we’ll find ourselves in our kitchen. We have all the cooking for the family, cooking for a gathering of friends, baking and cooking for gifts to be done, not to mention the everyday meals. But even with all that busy baking and cooking, we can do things to be a part of the going green movement.

Here we offer some tips that are simple to following for your holiday food shopping, baking, cooking, cleaning and eating too:

  1. Buy fresh foods and eliminate the chemicals and pollutants that store bought foods have.
  2. Use cookware that isn’t coated with the popular Teflon product. There are other products out there that are non-stick but are safe from the chemicals contained in Teflon coating.
  3. Take care in how you store the leftovers and how you reheat them too. Glass is the best option because heating up plastic will put off chemicals into the air and your food.
  4. Use cleaners that are green or find recipes to create your own green cleaners.

While you make your list for the grocery store, be sure to have fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Look for the ones that are labeled to be free of pesticides. These usually say “organically” grown. Instead of canned meats and vegetables, buy fresh.

It’s a little more work, but you’ll be going green by skipping the containers that often leach chemicals from the packaging and into the food. One of the biggest used chemicals is estrogenic bisphenol A which is used to line food cans. Purchase things in glass containers as much as possible.

Get your sponge sanitary better by putting it in the microwave. And when you wash up, just use everyday soap and water.  For cleaning the oven, make a paste from baking soda and water. It is a step to going green and works just as good as the stuff you buy at the store and won’t have all those toxic chemicals.

Going Green With Decorations

Reuse as much of your old holiday decorations as possible. If they are broken, find a way to purpose them like crushing them for mosaic gifts you can make. But natural products for your napkins and placemats and don’t buy paper plates. Use the good stuff no matter who you’re entertaining.