Go Green One Week At A Time

By   August 22, 2015

Go GreenGo green and reduce the carbon footprint you leave a little bit each week with these 26 steps:

  1. Set the thermostat high in the summer and low in the winter when you’re not home.
  1. When you’re done for the day, turn the computer off.

  1. Vacuum the refrigerator coils.
  2. Carpool when you can.
  3. When you drive long distance, take a hybrid car.
  4. Add the ashes from your fireplace to your compost pile.
  5. Buy from business that go green with their operation and products made by companies that are go green.
  6. Cancel the home delivery newspaper subscription.
  7. Use rechargeable batteries and go green with proper disposal of used ones.
  8. Go green at the dinner table with cloth napkins.
  9. It’s the cool thing to do now – go green and recycle.
  10. Let your dog go green and get a canvas or hemp leash. Buy your dog a hemp or canvas leash instead of nylon.
  11. Go green and throw your dryer lint in the backyard and let the birds use it for nesting.
  12. Go green and pass on your old magazines when done with them for others to enjoy
  13. Walking instead of driving when you can.
  14. File your taxes and pay your bills electronically.
  15. Take plastic bags back to the store & reuse or put in their recycle bins. Donate old newspapers to animal shelters.
  16. Go green with beauty products, fashion and home decor that are eco-friendly.
  17. Take your personal cup or mug when you go to the coffee shop.
  18. Buy your airline, event and movie tickets online.
  19. Go green with a new houseplant.
  20. Consolidate all your errands on one outing.
  21. Repair or replace any leaky faucets.
  22. Use reusable lunch bags instead of the paper sacks or plastic bags.
  23. Go green by covering your hot tub or swimming pool to keep the water from evaporating.
  24. Don’t have a compost pile for those fireplace ashes? Go green and start one.

You won’t be spending a lot of extra money with these go green suggestions, but by doing one of these a week, you’ll have 6 months of getting more enviro-friendly.  Our next article will give you 6 more months of go green suggestions.