Getting Your Home Office Up-To-Date With Green Technology

By   August 31, 2015

Green TechnologyThe past few years of the green movement has brought us so much green technology it can be hard to know what will really help us and what just has a flashy name.  Since technology is a big part of the blame when it comes to our ecological situation now, it is only appropriate that it be where we find eco-friendly solutions with green technology, right?

Here we are going to tell you about some of the green technology innovations that are an improvement to what we’ve used for years, or a totally new technology that is enviro-friendly.

Light Bulbs

You have probably read about how bad CFL lighting is for the environment but you’re having a hard time going away from the traditional incandescent bulb. You may think it won’t provide you enough lighting and the price of those new bulbs is a lot higher too. But we can assure you that you will adjust to this new green technology and find it much easier on the eyes. And even better, after you make that initial investment, they last forever – or what seems like forever. Meaning, you won’t have to buy new bulbs every 3-5 months.


That CRT monitor you’re still using is sucking out the energy like crazy. And yes, at first those new LCD monitors were very expensive, but like all the other new green technology, prices are very reasonable now. They are also lighter weight and better for your eyes as well as much more eco-friendly when it comes to the energy they use.


There are several pieces of office equipment that can require batteries, such as keyboards and mice. By making an investment upfront of the green technology like rechargeable batteries and a charger, you will find that not only are they better for the environment, but it will be so much more convenient too. When the batteries die, you simply pull the freshly charged ones and replace.


This is a new green technology in itself, but it is using a variety of green technologies. You can make one of the biggest differences by going paperless when it comes to being eco-friendly. Some of the pieces of green technology that you can purchase to help with this are:

  • Document Scanner
  • Electronic Faxes
  • Digital filing system

By combining all of this green technology together, you will create an eco-friendly system that will also help you be organized and a time saver too.

Power Strips

Much of the breakroom and office equipment are power vampires. The green technology of today and help save that energy by shutting those things off until they are in use. Even your printer is using as much as twenty-percent energy when sitting idle.