Getting Married Soon? Go Green!

By   July 24, 2015

Go GreenDo you recycle cans, paper and plastics?  Do you have any idea how much of what you do is actually making its way to recycling plants? With plastics, just one percent does. This means that 99% of all plastic is just left out there for Mother Earth to absorb.

You may not realize just how much plastic a wedding uses. There are plastic decorations, plastic glasses, plates and serving utensils. A wedding can one of the biggest extravagant events and with that, one of the biggest contributors to adding to the problem of pollution.

Here we offer some ideas where you go green with your wedding and still have the beautiful, memorable wedding that you’ve always dreamed about:

Take it Outdoors: You don’t have to get married in a banquet hall, lavish hotel or place of worship. Use an old barn setting or the middle of a flowery pasture or on the beachside. These can all provide a romantic setting. How is that being a way to go green? Think about how much electricity an outdoor wedding will save compared to an indoor wedding.

Print Your Invitations on Recycled Paper: There are so many options today with recycled paper and they are just at beautiful as ever. There are a wide variety of colors and textures that are perfect for a wedding to go green Or instead of printed invites, be even more modern day and send out e-invites. Just a little browsing online and you will find several fancy e-invites that will showcase your wedding just as beautiful as a printed invite. It will also so your guest that you are making every effort to go green.

Candlelight and Solar Lights: What can be more romantic than candlelight? If your outdoor wedding leads into the evening hours, considered using various types of candles and solar lights instead of electrical powered lights. It will give your special day a special glow, making it intimate and romantic.

Go Green With The Décor: The amount of eco-friendly items and ideas for wedding décor are amazing. With an outdoor wedding, the décor can be kept to a minimum and just let the beauty of nature be your décor. Use a few small elements to add some décor to the venue for that personal touch, but go green with those items. Decorate the buffet table with jars that are filled with dried leaves, shells and finished off with a ribbon made from recycled material.